This quirky, episodic novel is set in Botswana and features Mma Precious Ramotswe as she starts up her own all female detective agency.  She has no training, but is clever, observant, and, most importantly, understands what makes people tick.

Reading this was both a unique and pleasurable experience. I really enjoyed learning about Mma Ramotswe – her life and background as well as Botswana – an apparently uniquely stable African country.  I think what was most refreshing was how ordinary Mma Ramotswe is.  She drives a crappy little white van and delights in her modest home on Zebra Drive.  She just happens to be someone who is aware of her own strengths and uses them accordingly.

I’m still not sure if I’ll go so far as to read the (16!) sequels, but I’m not ruling it out entirely either.  There was also an HBO TV series which received mixed reviews. Again, I’m not planning on actively seeking it out, but if it was easily/readily available, I’d give it a try.