This dimwitted slog attempts to chronicle one man’s profoundly ignorant quest to acquire all human knowledge by reading the Encyclopedia Brittanica from A to Z.

It appealed to me because I, too, am a seeker of knowledge.  I, too, feel I have huge chasms in my understanding of life, literature, science and history.  I, too, seek to spend my remaining and waning days on this earth trying to gain a little understanding of what it all means.

And, yet, I found the author, A. J. Jacobs, to be an absolutely insufferable boor from page one.  His self-deprecation comes off as completely put-on.  His humor is predictable, tired and infantile. Oddly, for someone claiming to be a seeker of knowledge, he seems completely unaware of just how little he knows.

Absolutely dreadful waste of time!