I bought this book for Izzy for Christmas.  I just knew, based on the description, that she’d love it which she did, and then she really wanted me to read it.  She doesn’t do that super often and so I almost always oblige.

This is a book that feels light and fluffy, but covers more territory than one initially realizes – peer pressure, invasion of privacy, being true to oneself, friendship, loyalty, family, etc.

The absolute anchor of the novel is the strong and hilarious narrative voice of Jess Jordan  – the charming but insane protagonist.  Jess is a fairly typical 15 year old girl – a bit boy crazy, embarrassed by her family, insecure about her looks. She’s also imaginative, wildly creative and with a razor sharp wit.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever read a book featuring a female character who wants to be a stand-up comic!

I’m excited that there are more in the series and I’ve already ordered the prequel for Izzy!